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by Jeremy Martin

This is very useful to display a block on everypage that visitors will see, but hide it from the admin and back end pages where it is unnecessary. Like when you need to remove a side bar block to make more room for admin forms and configuration settings.

place the following in the block display settings:


by Jeremy Martin

Use this code in your block when you want to display it on every page of a certain node type

First select php in your input format selection of your block.
Then copy and paste the following code, replacing "your-node-type" with the name of the node type you want to use.

if (arg...
by Jeremy Martin

There is a module to do this which works much better and add some other features

**Old Post**
This is not a recommended Drupal solution as we have to make a change in the core module, but I have found no other way of accomplishing this, so here we go. It is actually very simple, you only have to change one line of code:

open the following file in your...

by Jeremy Martin

These instructions will give you the ability to upload an image for each node and display it in a block. Works great to display a main image for each page that may need to be above the content and wider etc...

Note: If you want to upload images directly into a page or block content area, try the image picker module with the wysiwyg module...the insert module is also great for nodes but does not work in blocks.

First you will need the following modules:

by Jeremy Martin

Just want to document this as it was fairly difficult to find for some reason. Thanks to for the solution:

simply add the following php without the php tags to your template.php and change the your-theme to your theme name.

Visit the theme page to reset the cache and you're done.

by Jeremy Martin

Amongst the thousands claiming that it is impossible, I have a working version of iTunes playing right now running Ubuntu Linux.

Better yet, It's simple anyone can do it thanks to a few programs. Here's how it's done:

The key: Play On Linux. this is a great linux program that loads and configures wine on your linux machine, then gives you a nice interface similar to synaptic package manager that allows you to search and install windows programs in linux.

Once you have...

by Jeremy Martin

Change the path in the pathauto settings

goto /admin/content/node in the admin menu under content management -> content.

Filter the nodes as necessary to select the content you want to update.

check the select box at the very top left to check all of the boxes...or individually select the pages

Use the drop down menu to select "update URL Alias" and click update

Do that for each page of nodes, and you're done!

by Jeremy Martin

Use this php code to print a link showing the URL Alias instead of node/7

print l(t('link text'), ...


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