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Drupal 6.x Flash Gallery using SimpleViewer v2

**UPDATE** You can now use the simple viewer module

If you are using the the Flash Gallery module in drupal and want to upgrade to simpleViewer v2 I have added some configurations to the Flash Gallery module that should be useful.

Just download SimpleViewer v2 extrac the files and find the simpleviewer.swf file.
Copy it to your drupal modules/flash_gallery/simpleviewer and rename it to viewer.swf (either delete or rename the old viewer.swf)

Then replace the flash_gallery.module with the file attached below.

This will add two new configuration options:

enable/disable the open in new window

enable/disable the full screen button (it also fixes the full screen button so that it works)

here are the added settings:

within this function:

function flash_gallery_xml_options($tid) {
  $fs = variable_get('xml_full_screen', 1) ? 'true' : 'false';
  $op[] = 'showFullscreenButton="'. $fs .'"';

  $nw = variable_get('xml_open_button', 1) ? 'true' : 'false';
  $op[] = 'showOpenButton="'. $nw .'"';

Simple Viewer

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