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by Jeremy Martin
webform date select with calendar popup

The default Webform date field uses 3 select fields but this will convert the calendar image into a text field that pops up the calendar when you click inside it and hide the select fields. This also works with inline labels using the In Field Labels module . You can see this in action on at the bottom of the page.


by Jeremy Martin

First create a separate javascript file where you will include the jquery code. In this case we're calling it script.js

Then add this to your .info file for your theme:
scripts[] = js/script.js

Also to use color transitions you will need to download jquery color script and include the following line in your .info file:
scripts[] = jquery.color.js

Then add the Jquery...

by Jeremy Martin

Add the following code to your template.php in your theme: (without the php tags, and replace YOURTHEME with your theme name)

function YOURTHEME_menu_local_task($variables) {
by Jeremy Martin

When using image processing like image field and image cache you may need to increase your PHP memory limit in these two places:

1) .htaccess (in your root directory - where drupal is installed)

add to this section:

# PHP 5, Apache 1 and 2.

Just above

The following code:

php_value post_max_size 24M
php_value upload_max_filesize 24M

by Jeremy Martin

The idea here was to create multiple slide shows and display each one on a different page based on the path of the page and not the node id (because some pages are views)

First, the slide show is created with Views Nivo Slider module, and a content type setup with a multi value image field and a "path" text field where you type the path where you want to slide show to appear on. example: about-us

then you create the view using the views nivo slider setting, and make sure when...

by Jeremy Martin
    if($(this).attr("value") == "Search") $(this).attr("value", ""); 
if($(this).attr("value") == "") $(this).attr("value", "Search"); 
by Jeremy Martin

Create a page, set the body input filter to PHP and paste the following code in the body. Add a menu link to your navigation or admin menu for easy access to clear the cache.

// only allow site administrators to visit this page:
if (!user_access...
by Jeremy Martin
= views_get_current_view();
print (
str_replace("-"," ",...
by Jeremy Martin

Sound: Speakers do not turn off when you plug in headphones.
in terminal:
gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

add this line to the very bottom:
options snd-hda-intel model=hp-dv5

save and restart :)

Everything else is working great, wireless works out of the box.

Still looking into the remote control. If anyone has any tips on getting the remote buttons to map correctly please comment.

UPDATE 10-19-10

by Jeremy Martin

**UPDATE** You can now use the simple viewer module

If you are using the the Flash Gallery module in drupal and want to upgrade to simpleViewer v2 I have added some configurations to the Flash Gallery module that should be useful.

Just download SimpleViewer v2 extrac the files and find the simpleviewer.swf file.
Copy it to your drupal modules/flash_gallery/simpleviewer and rename...


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